• bree

I'm Baaaaack!

Since my last post I've had two children, moved across the country, and bought a house! My kids are little less needy lately as they're both toddlers now and can entertain themselves a little more. Which leaves me time to create! I've really been feelin the creative juices lately so I decided I needed to start documenting these things.

This image was created by my friend Mikenzi for me, she's so creative and lovely.

I'm a bit of a scatter brain so I can't truthfully tell you what my first project will be, though I do believe/hope it will be the bathroom I've been redesigning. Follow along on my instagram @makeitmargo it wanna see a peek!

I also want to put a little self plug in here, I opened a society6 shop page! Check it out and see all my colorful designs.

Also, please bear with me as I attempt to figure out how best to blog... i ain't no pro.

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