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It's Friday and I couldn't be happier! This week does seem to have gone by pretty quickly, that's always a plus! In case you missed it, this week I posted a beautiful blog post on a tulle skirt. I know I took all the photos, and made the skirt, but I can be proud of my work right? Plus, my sister really brought it all to life. She couldn't have been a better little model. Loved capturing her young spirit.

Saw this pop up on my pinterest this week and kinda resonated with me, seeing as I'm going to be a real life mom in about a month and a half.

Check out the cool things found on the web this week!

I adore Joy Cho, and love what she says about feeling young, especially her #5 tip.

Also, this from Oh Joy, is pretty awesome.

The most adorable balloon backdrop!

Guys...Banana Coconut & Chia Popsicles...

You know, I love a good pinata!

And these flower lights are soooo fun!

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