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Well It’s been a week since Make it Margo! launched, and it’s been really exciting. Still hoping for some more site traffic, but I’ve really enjoyed my first DIY being out there in the world.

This week has not been too shabby if I say so myself. Probably my most favorite week of the year. I’m one year older now, and wiser too! It’s weird, this year I haven’t really cared about how old I am, just that my birthday was full of fun times and good laughs! The weekend was truly so amazing that it made heading back to work on Tuesday SUUUUCH a drag. But at least it was a short week, that’s what I needed. Being 31 weeks pregnant has not been the most fun though, I’ve felt nauseous and unable to sleep at night. But we have a class ALL DAY Saturday to learn about birth and stuff, so maybe I’ll get some sleeping tips or something. Anyway, enough about me, check out the cool things all over the internet this week!

Excited for this Q&A series, the first one is pretty great.

Gift wrap pairings?! YESYESYES

Need to have a party with this backdrop ASAP!

You’ve got to be kidding me with this milkshake!

Don’t have kids yet, but I will pretty soon. Hoping to keep these tips in mind.

Always an advocate of taking time off work.

Fun craft for the weekend.

Trying to figure out where to put this in my house...

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