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Welcome to Make It Margo!

The most anticipated July 1st is finally here! I chose to start this blog July 1st, right around the corner from my last birthday without kids of my own. I'll be 26 in two days and I’ve been wanting some sort of creative outlet for a few years now. So many times I've started to brainstorm ideas and plans but it never stuck. So you can imagine how stoked I am that it’s finally happening! I guess all it took was a little pregnancy nesting and a friend in town that would push me to create! So here it is, Make It Margo!, a place where I will share a lot of DIY’s, free printables, a few lifestyle things, and a whole lot of other fun stuff! Please stay tuned to see what kinds of fun things I've got in the works.

Who is Margo: When I was in high school my family decided to get a dog. A maltese named Margo, who could resist?! She was the best dog we ever had. So cute as a little pup, and then she grew a little, and that's when thought I might take her on a run with me... just a word of advice... don't ever try to run with a maltese. After I went to college she gave birth to a litter of cute pups, then her body started to get pretty old soon after that and started loosing teeth, and having hip problems. My family had to give her away to another family that was able to pay for all her medical bills. I remember that day pretty well. In fact it was just last week, 5 years ago. It was the summer before I got married, and I remember crying hysterically in my apartment bathroom. Luckily the family we gave them to stayed in touch, and I got to see Margo one more time before she passed away two years ago. Anyways, her name was Margo, and I loved her and I loved her name. I can’t name one of my kids Margo, cause that would be weird. So I decided to name my blog Margo. Margo lives on!

Who is Bree: I am a graphic designer by trade, I’ve dabbled in all kinds and forms of design, and I love it. I’m so glad I chose to study art in college, it’s really helped me stay creative throughout my career. As a child I was always making things, and in high school I started getting into sewing and photography, my two favorite high school classes (besides band of course, I was a total band geek). I’ve found that I am most motivated, happy and excited when creating things, so this blog should help me keep my life in sync. I’m married to a fine young gent I love spending time with, Ryan, and we are pregnant with our first little babe, a boy! This little guy is coming in early September (Labor Day weekend) and we can’t wait.

What to expect from me: Every Tuesday I will post fun things to craft, to art, to sew, to bake, to throw, and to wrap. I will also keep this a little personal and have something to share every Friday, including cool things I saw on the internet that I loved or was inspired by. Also, I’m not the best writer in the world (I know, then why on earth would you start a blog?!), so expect frazzled thoughts and disconnected ideas. I'm a nutcase I tell ya!

Since it is Share it! Friday, I wanted to tell you about a few things I saw this week that I liked:

Absolutely LOVED this imagery from the Utah Salt Flats.

I really need to dye my hammock now.

The coolest backdrop for a daisy party.

Some seriously good words on the quarter-life crisis.

And the perfect link to end my first post, words to remember as I start this blogging journey.

Also, these towels! (heart eye emoji), and my kind of plants!

PS: This just made me snort a lot.

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