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TO CRAFT: Birthday with a BANG

I'm starting this blog with a bang so I'm sharing one of my favorite crafts, a pinata!

I love making pinatas! They always bring so much life to a party, and they can serve as a really big, fun decoration, but also as a fun activity for the kids. They are also so inexpensive and to make, which really seals the deal for me! They are also super flexible in terms of color, shape, size, and I love that if no kids are there to beat it to death, you could use it as decor for the season. One time I made a pinata strictly for decoration in a bedroom, that's how flexible they are!

So click on through to see how to make a simple number pinata!

Supply List:

Cardboard box (as tall as you want your pinata to be)

Tissue Paper (I find that I usually end up needing more than I thought, but it all depends on the size of your pinata) (also, I got mine, 20 sheets, from party city for only $1.99)


Box Cutter

Masking Tape

String or rope of some kind (I always have hemp laying around)

Aleen's Tacky Glue


Tape Measure or Ruler

Paper Cutter (Not necessary, but makes life a little easier)

Fringe Scissors (Again, not necessary, but makes life easier)

To start off I grabbed as big of a cardboard box I could find. Been saving this big boy for something fun!

Then I measured it to see how tall I could actually make this pinata. For this particular one I measured 23 inches. Then I made a little template to trace so that my number was exactly how I wanted it. Feel free to do this freehand, sometimes I get into super perfectionist mode. I had to print it out on two separate 8.5x11 sheets of paper and cut it out/taped the pieces together so I could trace the large number onto the cardboard.

After tracing I grabbed the box cutter and went to town. Make sure you cut out two of your number so there's a front and a back.

Now, I needed to cut out the cardboard that would be for the sides. Since the number one I made was so slim I kept the sides pretty slim as well, about 3 inches thick. To keep them consistent I cut out my first one and used it to trace all the rest of them before cutting them out.

Now I have all my pieces. Once I have those cut I use masking tape to tape them to the edges of one of my numbers. *Pro tip: For the edges that have a curve: before you start taping, bend your cardboard in multiple places so that it's easy to maneuver.*

Once one of the numbers was complete then I was easily able to tape the other number cut out to the other side of the cardboard.

Now I had my complete pinata shape. and I got to work on the fun part. I grabbed whatever color tissue paper spoke to me (in this case, yellow) and some scissors (and fringe scissors because they're awesome), cut strips out of the tissue paper that was about 2 inches wide. This is where my paper cutter came in. I just find it so much easier to slice it with one quick pull, rather than using scissors. Then I took the fringe scissors and went to town fringing up that tissue paper. You will need more of this than you think, of course, it depends on how big your pinata is.

Next I grabbed my glue, Aleen's original tacky glue is my favorite for this. Starting at the bottom of the pinata and working my way up, one side at a time I made a line of glue and layered on the fringe.

Make sure you leave a hole or two at the top so you can hang your pinata. And done! Now you can use this pinata anywhere for anything! Of course, a birthday party would be pretty fun! Make your own and share them with me on instagram using the hashtag #MiMCreations

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