Crafter, Maker, Designer

Hi! I'm Bree, I've always got big ideas going through my head, so much so that honestly I find it difficult to complete one project before moving onto the next one. But that just makes me really good at multi-tasking. I like to do projects on our home, in our home, and with our kids. I am an artist and if you couldn't already tell I love color. Neutrals do not excite me. I love to paint, sew, bake/cook, organize and craft. Probably lots more to add to that list but my mind is moving onto the next thing, 

I have a beautiful family that I simply don't understand how I got so lucky, Met my husband in college and we've been married for 8 years. We have a 3 year old son and an almost 2 year old daughter. They're simply the cutest things to exist, and they are so full of love. 

You will come to learn of me that I am a little bit wild. I'm always up for a good time in the sun, and to be honest I have a bit of a koo koo personality. But who doesn't once you get to know them!? My biggest hope is that you are inspired by what you see on my blog and that you want to pop some color into your world in some way!